Driving lesson prices

Automatic driving lesson prices


Normal lesson – 1 hour £28
Block booking – 10 hours £260

Intensive driving courses

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How to book

To book call 07447 417047 or email pat@leeds-automatic.com

How we work

This is how Christine Armstrong, who recently passed her driving test, described her experience with us:

After several unsuccessful attempts at learning to drive and an expensive experience of ineffectual driving instructors, my driving confidence was flattened. Many people suggested I try an automatic and on doing so I was put in contact with Pat Cooney.

Immediately Pat put me at my ease and after a ‘taster’ session I signed up for an intensive driving course. It was obvious to me that Pat is a very experienced driving instructor as he was patient and noted my strengths and weaknesses and explained he was aiming to teach me how to drive and not just pass a test.

Each lesson was planned with practice sessions for areas of weakness whilst refreshing on areas of strength. Along with the practical side, he helped me with preparation for the Theory Test and Show-Me-Tell-Me aspects.

It made a big difference having someone so patient and willing to fully explain things so that I could understand why decisions were made along with learning little ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ for actions such as reversing and parallel parking.

Thanks to Pat, I have now passed my test, own my own car and am confident in driving on my own. I would definitely recommend Pat to anyone who wishes to learn to drive along with gaining road confidence.